£150k cannabis factory uncovered in Westbury-on-Trym

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By matt_2009 | Friday, September 14, 2012, 09:18

A cannabis factory at a flat in Westbury-on-Trym containing almost 150 plants was uncovered by police yesterday (13 September).

A 33-year-old man was arrested outside the property after he attempted to run away from officers.

The factory was uncovered by the fire brigade who were called by the business below the flat to deal with a flood coming from the property.

They contacted the police – who upon entering were confronted with a flat filled with marijuana plants.

Inspector Mark Runacres said: "This is a significant haul of illegal drugs and we are really pleased that they are off the streets of Westbury-on-Trym. If these plants had reached full maturity they would have had a street value of around £150k."

"Growing marijuana can be a lucrative business but as this criminal discovered today the risks of detection are high and when you are caught you can expect a lengthy jail term."

If you have any information about these cannabis factories or about drugs in your community contact the police on 101 or 999 in an emergency or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.



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    Whether you like it or not reports have shown that cannabis it is a gateway to harder drugs - Google it and you'll see...

    By thecriddler at 11:16 on 18/09/12

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    Bristol plant police strike again! i'd tell them to get real jobs but if they had wanted one of those they wouldn't have joined the police farce. They'll all go home patting themselves on the back while i sit here, less than a mile down the road smoking a Joint out of this ten bag i purchased this morning the day after their pointless and costly raid. keep it up gents not like we're in a recession or anything....

    By quadley at 14:32 on 14/09/12

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    We need to stop this stupid and unwinnable war against cannabis. It is causing far more harm to our communities than it prevents. If we had a properly regulated system of production and supply we'd have no more illegal cannabis farms, instead we'd have thousands of new jobs. We'd have no more dealers on the streets. Cannabis would be available to adults only through licensed outlets and we'd have some control over the THC and CBD content.

    Doctors would be able to prescribe one of the most effective medicines that has no serious side effects at all. At the moment the government has given GW Pharmaceuticals an illegal monopoly on cannabis so they make millions out of a medicine that you can grow in your greenhouse for virtually nothing.

    If we introduced a legally regulated system we would solve nearly all the problems around cannabis. Science proves how much safer it is than tobacco, alcohol, prescription medicines and all other recreational drugs. If anyone does have a problem with it they could get help without having to confess to a crime.

    CLEAR published independent, expert research last year which shows that a tax and regulate policy on cannabis would produce a net gain to the UK economy of up to £9.3 billion per annum.

    It is a scandal that our government, our judges, our courts, our police and our newspapers keep misleading us about cannabis. Find out the truth for yourself and wake up to the lies you have been told.

    By PoetPeter at 11:52 on 14/09/12

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